Who are we? Halal

IS EG Halal is the only entity exclusively authorized by the Government of Egypt to certify Halal exports worldwide.

Who are our clients?

Any entity worldwide interested in exporting foods and other products to Egypt and the Muslim world. We strive to prosper with companies of all calibers, guiding them through the Halal Certification process.

Harmonizing Standards

Although Halal certification is considered a key enabler for the successful development of the global Halal industry, the industry is still plagued by the issue of differing certification standards. The lack of a single, unified global Halal standard is a pressing issue within the Halal industry. ​ The Arab Republic of Egypt has taken the lead in ensuring that this comes to fruition by giving the exclusive rights to IS EG Halal.

Why you should choose Halal

It is a common need, a common desire, and a common right to treat our bodies with wholesome foods free of harmful ingredients such as pesticides, pollutants, filth and the like. This is not a value desired only by Muslims, it’s desired by all of humanity. Everyone can benefit from consuming Halal foods and avoiding what is not.

Animal Welfare

It is deeply rooted in Islamic philosophy and principles that what is consumed must be backed by an ethical supply chain. In ISEG Halal we value organic and sustainable living. Our supervisors make sure that every step taken, from grazing to slaughter, ensures that the animal is completely comfortable and free from physical and psychological torture.

Halal Product We certify: