Our Process

​1. Evaluation

IS EG will send an inspector to your location, to verify that Islamic rules and practices are being adhered to during animal slaughter. Once our inspectors approve the facility and process you may begin to produce certified Halal products. ​

​2. Inspection

Once your location is approved, IS EG will provide a supervisor to continue overseeing the facility. This supervisor will provide ease of mind that all produce is Halal. ​

​​3. Certification

When products are approved by an IS EG supervisor we will certify the produce as Halal. You will have official documentation that your product is Halal and will have the ability to sell it as so.

​4. Deliver & Support

Once IS EG certifies your product, an account manager will be assigned to your company to process the necessary documents for transportation of goods from farm to table. Customers will be pleased to know their meat is Halal!